#MCM – Musical Cure Monday – A Taste of Avril

Happy Monday lovelies.

Spring break has come and passed in a flash. But, I’ll have you know that my team, the Bonnies are doing fantastically in basketball recently. They are killing it left and right. This weekend they’re headed to Brooklyn to play in the A-10 tournament and fingers crossed they make it into the NCAA tournament 🙂

But, enough about sports, let’s get down to brass tax, relationships.

We have returned this Monday to focus on sadness. Not a super happy way to start a week, but I promise this singer has more in store.

This weeks’ sad song is song by none other than the poster child for sad songs herself Avril Lavigne, it is:

My Happy Ending


This song starts out repeating the title multiple times “So much for my happy ending”, just to make sure you understand that the title is false and it isn’t a happy story as some might have thought.

“Let’s talk this over
It’s not like we’re deadAvril.jpg
Was it something I did?
Was it something you said?

Don’t leave me hanging
In a city so dead
Held up so high
On such a breakable thread (breakable thread)”

At this point in the relationship she has “lost” him, but she still thinks she can get him back. Unless the break up ended vaguely, don’t assume that there is anything left when there is a break up. The part “it’s not like we’re dead,” is sad because going into the relationship she probably thought that it was going to be forever, and now that they are over and they are still both very much alive, it’s not as it was supposed to be.

“You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be”

This is the segway into the chorus. She accents that she thought she knew what she was getting into in the beginning of the relationship but it seems as though she were mistaken.

“You were everything, everything that I wanted (that I wanted)
We were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it (we lost it)
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending”

what-is-meant-to-be-always-finds-a-way-quote-1The line “we were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it,” gets me every time. The idea
that the relationship was destined to work but was ruined by the participants is slight crap. SURE, every relationship is “supposed” to work out, but I don’t know if I would be vain enough to say that I was the one that ruined something that was supposed to work. If it was actually meant to be it would have happened regardless and the people would have worked harder for it.

“You’ve got your dumb friends
I know what they say (they say)
They tell you I’m difficult
But so are they (but so are they)
But they don’t know me
Do they even know you (even know you)?
All the things you hide from me
All the shit that you do (all the shit that you do)”

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is worse than thinking your relationship is between two people and then come to find out that their friends are pulling strings in the background. Sure, friends have a say in relationships, they can give their two cents, but ultimately it’s the two people in the relationship’s duty to decide TOGETHER what happens with the relationship, not a friend on the outside calling the shots.

“It’s nice to know that you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It’s nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done”

I love this part, because who hasn’t felt this way. Who hasn’t felt that the other person in the relationship was acting as though they actually cared about the other. It is a common paranoid thing that happens when a relationship ends. It’s automatically assumed that the person doing the breaking up didn’t care at all the entire time. Which, could be true but is more likely false.


I love this song, I really do. And Avril was my go-to girl when I was sad or angry before Taylor Swift even had her first boyfriend. It is always good to go back to the people who brought you up and taught you how to look at relationships, because they can give you new insights into a situation you thought you knew.

I just hope you get your happy ending, I’m positive it is out there for you.happily ever after.png

What-Not-To-Do Wednesday – Simple

Happy Wednesday readers, or well, it used to be Wednesday.

Today’s post doesn’t need to be very long just because it is as the title says: SIMPLE.

And that is, if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend break up, don’t continue to hook up with them.

1: Why are you doing that to yourself? You obviously know the relationship didn’t go anywhere, so where would hooking up take you?

2: You are discrediting your entire relationship. By hooking up after, it says, “hey you could have gotten me this whole time without a label or a commitment.”

3: It makes you look terrible, and a bit open for business, if you know what I mean.

If you have zero dignity, by all means, go ahead hook up with your ex. But, my advice, DON’T DO IT! Simple as that.

#MCM Musical Cure Monday – Circles

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope this Monday brings you the beginning of a stress-less week!

If youcupcakes were wondering, my father’s birthday was very nice 🙂 Thank you. We had good cupcakes and bad cupcakes. But really, if the icing stains your teeth you do not want to be ingesting it! We unfortunately ended up spending the next day in the ER with one of my friends who broke her wrist! Don’t worry, she’s a trooper!

I know she is healing from a broken wrist and not a broken heart, but today is still Musical Cure Monday.

This choose-your-own-adventure song of Jana Kramer’s goes to:



First, let’s appreciate how FLAWLESS she is! Okay, now down to business.


“Just the thought of you around,
gets my head spinning… in circles.
Just the way you say my name,
gets my heart turning… in circles.”

This song is super precious. It starts out with her discussing how she is affected by her new man. Through the circles she doesn’t know where to look, what to think, she is do dizzy with love. The line “Just the way you say my name,” is very relatable to me. I love when people say my name. It is refreshing. People don’t say names all that often if they are talking directly to you, so when someone uses it frequently it is present and “gets my heart turning….in circles.”say my name.gif

“You got me spinning like a wheel,
oh how you make me feel.
It’s more than gold on my finger,
it’s six feet down and forever.
‘Cause where I am,
is where you begin.
You picked up the pieces,
and put me together.
You’re the only part of me unbroken,
and I’m going… in circles.”

This is such a cute image. Whoever this guy is picked her back up after a hard break up, and helped her put herself together again. Not as a rebound guy, but as a guy that can help her to get fully over her ex and who is deserving of her. “It’s more than gold on my finger, it’s six feet down and forever.” I took this image to mean her love for him means more than marriage. It means that even after death she will be with him forever.

“Every crooked little lie,twirling
bended, connected… circles.
Every star up in the sky,
every hello and goodbye,
every moment by your side,
is the meaning of my life”

“Every moment by your side is the meaning of my life” How precious is that? It’s literally a love poem to the Mr. Right who came along and made every rough relationship she had in the past worth it.

“Just the thought of you around,
gets my head spinning… in circles”

This is what everyone needs after a break up, and in general. They need someone who causes them to lose their mind (in the best way possible). Once you find him, you’re set!

Best of luck to you finding him ❤ He’s out there, I promise!



What-Not-To-Do Wednesday – Fired UP

Hello Wednesday Readers ❤

happy-birthday-dad-300x300I hope your Wednesday has brought joy to your life and not stress.

For me, I have a project due Friday, a test on Friday, my dads birthday on Friday and then a three and a half hour drive on Friday in the snowy dark, so any day closer to the weekend stresses me out just thinking about it. (Except the part about my father’s birthday! WOOO GO PADRE!)

Today’s what-not-to-do gets me fired up. It’s all about spite. Do not refuse to do something in a relationship and then turn around and do it right after a relationship has ended.

Even if it isn’t actually spiteful in intention, it is spiteful in practice.

Nothing is worse than showing up to a concert after a break up and see your ex there when they REFUSED to do anything of the sorts with you prior to the break up. It’s like – excuse me? What are you doing? YOU hate this? or do you?giphy

Also what you shouldn’t do is befriend one of their friends you refused to get along with during the relationship. You know, it was only the most important thing you could have done to help the relationship out, but doing it after it has ended helps right?! NO.

If you want to reevaluate your life and make some choices, fine, go ahead, be my guest. But why was our break up the wake up call for you? Couldn’t it have been after one the many times where your ex told you to change what you were doing?

By “fixing” yourself now, it is basically telling your ex significant other that you did not give two flying S&*#@ about your relationship.

Which, if it is the case, it’s a good thing  they’re gone!


What-Not-To-Do-Wednesday -Valentines Day Edition

Happy Wednesday lovely readers.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it best to do a what-not-to-do related to what you should ABSOLUTELY NOT DO ON VALENTINES DAY THIS YEAR!no-valentine-day

I was getting out of my car the other day when a commercial came on the radio that I had to stop myself and listen to just because I had heard it before and I wanted to yell at my car. Now, Rhonda (the name of my car) is a wonderful lady, but the woman on the radio was highly delusional.

She was trying to advertise, but it went south and it went south fast.MR2263_engagement-ring_main_1000

It said something a long the lines of, “Make this Valentine’s Day one she will never forget by proposing with one of our rings.” Now, I’m paraphrasing, but still, it’s terrible!

What is the most cliche thing in the world? PROPOSING ON VALENTINE’S DAY!
In 2013, 6 million people were expected to propose on Valentine’s Day. And what a special day that would be.

0e698564c992739d65515cf4c846ae5eImagine, if you will, you get proposed to on Valentine’s Day, you are super excited because you love your significant other and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with each other. Your second thought is to get the word out as how happy you are and to get your friends thinking a
bout super great wedding gifts already by posting it.

You log on to your Facebook page, and what do you see in your news feed? 5,999,999 other people’s posts about how happy they are with their engagement ring and finance. Nothing says your special time like sharing your news with all of those other cliche couples.enhanced-28639-1450821576-8

Please, save yourself the trouble and turn off that commercial. Don’t even tempt yourself with that idea. If you really want to propose, great! But, do it on a better day!


#MCM Musical Cure Monday – I got the Boy

Happy Monday all you readers out there. Of course, it is soon to be Tuesday!

I hope your Monday wasn’t as jam packed as mine was. But, whats life without a little bit of jam-packedness 🙂 Jana-Kramer-shows-off-baby-bump-at-CMA-Awards


Today is the acceptance day of the Jana Kramer cycle. I’m sure she cares nothing of this at this point with her week old baby, but none the less, that is what today is focused on, and I know she would approve.

Today’s song is recently very popular on the radio, and by recently it would be a few months at this point: I got the Bo



“I saw your picture in a paper, Honeymoon in Jamaica, she’s a lucky girlwash-post-announcement-ex
You look so grown up in your black tux, from a ball cap in a pick up, seems like another world
You and me and our big dreams, falling in love
We were two kids in the backseat, all fearless and young”

In this first verse, Kramer is reflecting on her past relationship in relation to the marriage announcement she saw in the paper. There is not a sense of resentment in these words, nor is there anger. She appreciates that he was a good boyfriend, and that he found a good wife.

“I got the first kiss and she’ll get the last
She’s got the future, I got the past
I got the class ring, she got the diamond and wedding band
I got the boy, she got the man”

The chorus really makes me think of my past boyfriends as well. Some day, those guys are going to get married, and I can’t wait to see who they are when they do, because they will be so different than the boys that I dated. The passage of time through the class ring and the wedding band is a very nice contrast to tell when each girl was with the boy.

“Yeah there’s an old you that I knew,
Fake IDs to get into those spring break bars
Back woods on a four wheel, hanging on tight, I can still feel my racing heart
And now you’re cleaned up with a hair cut, nice tie and shoes
If things were different and I had a choice, which would I choose?”

The second verse comes and she continues to reflect, on the good times that she had with her boyfriend. While the timbre of the song is melancholy, she is not upset or trying to say she belongs with him because they shared so many of these moments together. In the end she even asks with would she choose? The boy she dated or the man he became.

“I got the first kiss and she’ll get the last
We each got something, the other will never have
I got the long hair, hot head
She got the cool and steady hand
I got the boy and she got the man
I got the boy and she got the man”

2901293D00000578-3094541-image-m-85_1432419936889This part is very cute. The new wife will get all she never was able to get, but Kramer was able to have things that the wife will never be able to have. It seems to me that this boy grew up into an upstanding man, but Kramer wouldn’t change the time she spent with him.

Ultimately, she wants her ex boyfriend to be happy. So whether you get the class ring or the wedding band, know that the time you spend with your significant other cannot be replicated by anyone else.

What-Not-To-Do-Wednesday – Restyling yourself

running_camel.gifHappy Hump day lovely readers.

You should know I am writing this (12 min late, sorry) to the sound of alarms rushing passed my dorm room; fingers crossed everything is okay.

adult-cowgirl-costume.jpgThis week’s WNTD is all about what not to do during a relationship that would prove itself to be digressive if you ever were to break up. What you don’t want to do is to mold yourself to be exactly like your significant other.

Like what they like, support things they support, but if they are a die-hard hick, and you are so not, don’t go out and buy cowboy boots and start saying yee-haw! It’s all about staying true to yourself as well.

What happens to that cowboy who looks around after a break up? They wonder who they actually are and where do they begin to pick up the pieces that are actually theirs and begin again.

I have heard it before, “he/she just brought it out in me, it was always there.”

This just in: the sirens were all heading towards a massive fire in the neighboring town! My neighbors knocked on my door and we went out to watch the firemen fight the fire. Currently, the battle is still going on. That is why it is now 1:24 and this post is still incomplete.Fire.jpg

Also, if you do change yourself to fit your significant other, don’t pretend that you didn’t. If your bf loves to watch hockey, and you never showed an interest, but he brought it out in you, don’t act like you have always liked it. Because, we all know you’re lying and it just makes us want to fight you.oleksy-big-punch1

It’s not a bad thing to be exposed to new things and expand yourself, but ask yourself if you were to break up with the person, would you still do this/wear that/like this? If the answer is no, step back.

Take off the cowboy hat and just be yourself, that is why your significant other started dating you in the first place.